Why Aren’t More Homeowners Considering Solar Power?

Regardless of how many sources most people find on the benefits of switching to solar, they remain stubborn and submissive to the energy grid. At it’s core, the benefits of solar power are fairly straightforward and you don’t need to be an energy expert to see why it makes sense. Solar energy can lower your bills, increase your independence, and reduce your energy footprint. While the number of homes making the switch are increasing every year, too many people are holding on to outdated concerns and misinformation on the solar energy. Even with the solar industry making continuous improvements to an already great system, some tired excuses continue to be heard.

1. I Live in a Cold Climate so Solar Won’t work for Me

This is one of the silliest excuses commonly heard from homeowners. It also illustrates how little we as a collective population have progressed in our understanding of solar energy. The average temperature in a climate region does not have a large effect on solar panels. In fact, solar panels are actually slightly more efficient at producing electricity in cold temperatures. The critical factor for solar power is the amount of sunlight that cells receive. Even if you live in a colder climate, but receive ample amounts of sunlight, solar should work well for you.

2. If It’s Dark Outside, then I Have No Power

This is a concern that doesn’t qualify as silly, but it also illustrates our rudimentary misunderstanding of how solar energy truly works. With the exception of the few properties that run exclusively on solar energy, solar properties are still a part of the power grid. So if you don’t receive sunlight due to a rainy day, you still have access to traditional power sources. This means that while your solar panels are exposed to the sun, the electricity they produce powers your property and when it is cloudy or nightfall, you will still be able to draw power from the grid. Another cool concept is what is called net metering. In states that allow net metering, if your solar panels produce more electricity in a day than you are consuming, that extra electricity is fed back into the electric grid and can actually spin your electric meter backward. In this scenario, you may receive credits for the energy you supplied to the grid and reduce your power bills.

3. It’s Just Too Expensive to Switch

This is by far the most common excuse for why many people are hesitant to make the switch to solar. While the upfront costs can be scary at first glance, there are several incentives and programs that make this a worthwhile investment. With our energy needs continuing to grow, many governing bodies have created tax and financial incentives to those switching to a clean and renewable source. In addition many solar companies offer financing options with little to no upfront costs. You in turn make payments similar to other large purchases and in the meantime, you enjoy the monthly savings on utility bills that help offset these payments. You also may be able to lease solar panels for a monthly fee and the savings on utility bills once again can offset these costs.

These represent a small sample size of the reasons people give for avoiding a switch to solar. It can seem like a difficult switch, but in reality it is a simple process once you have all the facts and find a trusted solar installation company to work with. Very few people experience regret after making the switch. So the real question is, “what’s keeping you from joining this satisfied group?”

Vivid Times

This article is written by Vivid Time Staff member.