The compact car is a staple of the automotive market. They’re smaller, sleeker and more convenient than larger vehicles and there are a few arenas in which these cars are measured and come up superior to their larger counterparts. So are smaller cars better in general than larger ones? How do they stack up side by side? Well here are some advantages to going small.


Some of the advantages to a smaller car are obvious. They’re very easy to store and keep dry and undamaged. It’s a simple matter to keep them out of the weather and away from trees and sun. In addition parking and fitting through otherwise difficult spaces becomes simple. Giving a driver, particularly a novice or someone who finds driving difficult, more room to manoeuvre is a massive advantage. In addition to this a smaller car is far easier to manoeuvre. A smaller car like the Ford Focus XT surpasses almost all large cars in manoeuvrability. The small car has better suspension and its smaller engine makes it easier to turn in small spaces or difficult circumstances. All in all a smaller car is a more controllable, more usable and overall easier ride. On the downside there isn’t quite so much storage space and they don’t often suit a big family, but unless you need an over-abundance of room it is probably a better idea to stick with the smaller option.


A smaller car is advantageous in the amount of money and effort a driver needs to expend. Some big cars take a lot of effort on gears and pedals, not to mention finding it hard to see properly around the car if the driver isn’t particularly large. In addition a smaller car carries far less weight and thus puts far less strain on the engine than a larger car. This allows a driver to go much further on the same amount of petrol than a large vehicle. Smaller cars are also generally more responsive, as every part of the car goes to a little less effort to do everything. This also causes less wear and tear on the vehicle in general, which involves less in the way of maintenance and repair costs.


The less fuel used and burned the less environmental damage done. Small cars are far more environmentally friendly, there’s a reason most hybrid and smart cars are small. Less oil is used and less fossil fuels are burned. Every small car you choose over a large one is a little environmental damage you’ve just avoided.

Small cars are convenient, safe, and easy to drive and light on the damage to both the world and your wallet. They are, plain and simple, easier to both use and own. So why not save yourself the effort, cash and conscience and sacrifice the extra space? For your next car, seriously consider going small, is the rumble of the engine and a little extra storage space really worth sacrificing all of that?

About the author:
Robert Barlow
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