World Famous “Dhinchak Pooja”

Dhinchak Pooja” (name is just enough for this generation)  is the new pop sensation. Everyone let’s just brief about her background, she is doing masters from Delhi University (according to internet). She is only 23 years old but see her creativeness  is huge more than her age (:P).

Leave India, the whole world is talking about her as she is getting million views on the YouTube.

She is clever, smart and intelligent (I’m joking …:p) and the one who listens to her heart. While most of us, wanted to earn money, name and fame. We give our so much time (years) to earn these things what do we get in return  no name, no fame and only limited amount of money .Instead, what she got name, fame and money only at the age of  23 (isn’t great :p). Her twitter account has 10.9 k followers (don’t faint :p). If you are looking for singing talent then  she’s not that girl.

Some of her videos are which has enormous views 😛



Dhinchak Pooja – Dilon Ka Shooter (On public demand ), which has also 20  million views.

Look at her earnings, total earning is 2 lacs around. She is playing smart enough. At least everyone is following her making her more famous either in good or bad sense. While coming through the YouTube videos, I have seen so many roasted videos which was making fun of her but in any way she’s becoming infamous sorry famous, and just see how much more she will earn.

All I can realize that she is a girl with great mind (knows how to make money when you don’t have any talent) and great heart (while performing these acts because you really need so much guts on a public platform).

The gist of the matter is who helps in  becoming so famous and letting her printing the notes as she wanted. The answer is but obvious “We”!!!! We are talking a lot about her, creating memes on the social media. She is viral on the social media. And who is making her so viral, of course we !!! See I am writing also “god damn!!” and one last but not the least question is ”who is being fooled???” answer is “we”. And she  is making money. If we will be doing the same thing, then in the future, there is lots of Dhinchak Neha, Nisha, Hema, Rekha, Jaya or Pushpa is on yet to come.

Check out her latest video “Baapu Dede Thoda Cash”:



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